Data Scientist


Data Scientist with experience developing products, navigating competitive landscapes, creating business efficiency, and telling transparent stories. Strong business empathy developed through 20 years of independent consulting. Solves business problems using scientific training and contemporary technology. Background in Web development, media production and audio signal processing.


Todd Herman

On my way to data science, I was a hockey player and a musician.  I studied electrical engineering, took to signal processing, became a sound engineer, then a software engineer. When I got dial-up, I became a Web developer

As a strategic, collaborative, creative technologist, I have partnered with many businesses.  This provided rich opportunity for very deep exposure to fields about which I knew very little, but came to know quite a lot.   Working together in ad hoc teams, we discovered visually understandable ways to measure business problems and create verifiable, transparent, timely responses.

I bring these things to my new passion, data science and am focused on applied natural language processing, statistics, machine learning and data visualization.

I live in Portland, OR with my wife and son.  We watch movies, commute by bike, grow flat fruit trees and build spaces for living. When not working, I'm at my best in the kitchen where I keep a clean mise and a sharp knife.


Typed: INTJ