I Mathed Audio

I became enamoured with signal processing while studying electrical engineering.  I felt a deeper technical listening would bring me closer to the magic inside the music.  Fourier Analysis meant sonically-better sound file looping. Eigen values, introduced through linear algebra, were useful in the context of electrical circuits.

Ken Pohlmann's Princples of Digital Audio was *the* book I'd sneak-read between classes.  I was envious to learn later that he was a professor to my music industry friends who came through University of Miami's Music Engineering program.

Working at start-up engineering firm Sound Genesis as Chief Waveform Engineer, I helped extract the greatest amount of orignial perfomance nuance from our source recordings into a sound library for the Fairlight Series III.  The library was used by leading musicians including Herbie Hancock, Thomas Dolby and Stevie Wonder.  My affinity for signal processing helped clarify my path to stadium-sized music production and studio recording.